Book Review: Zombies in the Delta by ML Hamilton

cover Zombies in the Delta 22447483Once a book makes it to my TBR, I rarely revisit the blurb immediately before starting the story. My thinking is that if the story was good enough to make it onto the TBR, it’s good enough to crack open the spine and get to reading.

Oh mon ami how this can cause some confusion.

So I was looking forward to reading about zombies in New Orleans with a voodoo or hoodoo origination story line. Right off the bat this isn’t your typical George A Romero variety of zombies. And this doesn’t take place in the bayou, it takes place in the Sacramento Delta. This is what I get for not reading the blurb πŸ™‚

We’re following two cases in this book. The first involves FBI Special Agent Peyton Brooks, new to the bureau from the police force and her team, the Ghost Squad, where they are investigating three murders where all of the victims had half their faces and their brains eaten. The other case is local PD jurisdiction and involves Peyton’s ex-partner and current fiance, Captain Marco D’Angelo. The case deals with a young female that committed suicide after her boyfriend uploaded a video of them having sex, unbeknownst to her that he was filming, to a revenge porn site. The girl’s parents brought the case to Captain D’Angelo in hopes that the boyfriend could be held responsible for the suicide.

This story has a cast of characters that I loved and it starts with Peyton. She is a sparkplug. She’s sassy and a delight to have around. Loved her attitude and her banter with co-workers. I also like Bambi – a Special Agent that was described as a porn star waiting to happen.

I didn’t care for Peyton’s fiance Marco. He comes a cross as broody, whiny, needy, immature and above all, insecure. Their relationship is prominently featured in the book, IMO, and somewhat took away from the story. For me. I’m guessing it will play as an important story arc for the series but I was like, meh. Every time he was in one of his moods, all I heard was this:

“I love you Peyton, more than anything in the world.”

“I love you Marco. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Oh why, Peyton? Why do you pity me so?”

I followed this with an eye roll and a quick ‘get over yourself’.

I could not relate to this man’s insecurity. Fear or worry will not prevent Peyton from leaving him. This guy bathed in fear and toweled himself off with worry, to the point that he was hurting the relationship. If you sabotage the relationship then feel sorry for yourself, I have no words for you.

The story was okay. Not great. It was interesting but I was never on the edge of my seat waiting for something to happen. It was a quick read and I may or may not continue on with the series.

3/5 Stars

  • Title: Zombies in the Delta
  • Author: ML Hamilton
  • Publisher: ML Hamilton
  • Genre: Mystery
  • More Info On Goodreads


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