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Hello, my name is Victor and I am addicted to reading. I love losing myself in worlds created by inventive minds and connecting with the characters in those worlds.

I have an enormous TBR that I do not expect ever getting through (and I’m okay with that) because along with my addiction to reading, I cannot find the inner strength to stop adding to my TBR. Part of the fun then is juggling the books to see what I’ll be reading in the next few weeks, only to have TBR wreckers disguised as friends on goodreads, as booktubers and in the book blogging community recommend awesome books that I need to read. I swear, sometimes I think they’re conspiring to drive me nuts; but I love them all just the same 🙂

I started this blog so that I may share my thoughts on some of the books I’ve read. I hope you enjoy them 🙂


    1. Hi Kim,

      A couple of months ago I culled over 300 titles that I lost interest in and I don’t see the difference. I am almost back to the level pre-culling.😏 So I’ve adopted a new strategy – I’ve created an exclusive shelf titled ‘non-fiction-tbr’ and placed all non-fiction, memoirs, Christian non-fiction, and Christian theology books in there. Since a book can only appear in one exclusive shelf at a time, my TBR now stands at <1300. I still have the same number of books to read, it just doesn't look as daunting 😀

      I can feel you judging me Kim... or are you just laughing at me? 😊

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