I Am So Nervous

These are situations in our blogging community that I think would and do make me nervous. Whether we’re writing, reading or reviewing, there will come a time when we’ll feel nervous. I’ve presented this in haiku and limerick form and hope you enjoy them. I tried working in the man from Nantucket, but I couldn’t get past the F word 🙂

The writer is done
Now they sit and wait to see
if their child is loved

The MC wants to enter a room
You warn her of an impending doom
Then she opens the door
Lying there on the floor
Is her long ago departed groom

Sal was a fan of the undead
He read his top series in bed
It was just like a friend
Didn’t want it to end
So he left the last book unread

Sometimes I feel trapped in a cage
I’m staring at one bright blank page
I must push on through
And write this review
Before I add years to my age.*


*(alt – It sucks I do this for no wage. Too cynical I think)


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